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This was the “fun part” during the six mile hike to the hot springs.

I turn to my friend and give him a solid thwack in the arm. 

"You said we could cross the river here."

He gives a short laugh, but rubs his arm and takes a step away from me. The four of us stand on the banks of what should be a calm stream, but because of either recent rain or snow melt it’s now a raging river. White water rapids that might as well be sharp teeth the danger was the same. Crossing it would be a ridiculous idea even without our packs.  

"Come on let’s look for a crossing."

The boy scout of the group taking charge leads us up the river bank. I swipe at my friend who quickly runs ahead. Shaking my head I follow the others, there was no chance we would find a suitable point to ford the river. The river simply seemed too powerful. After a few minutes of walking we stop. I hit my friend in the arm again this time with more force.

"You have got to be kidding."

A series of logs had jammed together in the river forming a very rough bridge across the water. It sort of looked stable, but it also looked like it would wash away under the deluge of water. 

"Well we have to cross here."

I voice my displeasure, and I’m not the only one to do so. But secretly I am eager to try something a little adventurous. We cross the makeshift bridge in sections, going one by one on each log. I go last, content to see what techniques my friends use in crossing the bridge. The idiotic friend crawls over much of the logs, careful to test each log before putting his full weight on it. Second friend to go is so tall that his legs dangle into the surf as he moves, he stands in the middle and very carefully balances his way across. The boy scout gets on his haunches and shuffles inch by inch, and while I can’t deny the precaution in the technique I somehow doubt that it’s something he learned from the boy scouts. When I look up again I realize that they are all waiting for me on the other side. Well shit, I have to hurry. Though I’m not so stupid as to rush the crossing I decide to stupidly take the most blustering choice. I extend me hands and walk across each log like it was a balance beam. Occasionally slowing to catch my balance or make the switch from log to log. I step foot by foot in continuous motion, and I’m quickly across. Surprisingly it was not as thrilling as I hoped. My friends congratulate me.

"You crossed that so casually."

I laugh, it was a fitting comment.    

Kurahashi Riko - Love Lab


ダブルデート by burubell

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Camping out the intel.


the internet summed up in one gif set

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It’s a cute little caterpillar just inching along. Or maybe it’s an inchworm…

"The only time Ryan had surprised me was when he came up as a customer." [x]

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Planting a sapper on a turret.


I found a little park with a pond and to my surprise there were turtles in it. 


Some of the new concept art, subtitle-less, from this video.

They’re 1700x700!

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